Whitney Thomas

WT - Boost your BustMy name is Whitney Thomas, and I work as a personal trainer in Orange County, California. I am 5’7 and weigh 120 pounds. While I am overall satisfied with my body, I wish to improve the appearance of my bust area. Based on my measurements, my body is essentially a small-to-medium frame. However, I am interested in increasing my bust size by going from a 32B (a “B cup”) to a 32C or 32D (“C” and “D cups”). I want to do this naturally and without secondary effects.

Update: It’s been several months which also included an issue with my web host… I’ve posted some before and after photos here to see the results of my efforts to increase my breast size without surgery and a list of things I tried.

Why Do It?
The decision of increasing the size of my bust was inspired by my work. I devote myself so my clients feel and look their best. Many of them believe that my good physical condition entails that I am completely satisfied with my looks. However, I am not completely satisfied. I am sure that it shows in the way that I always try to conceal the small size of my breasts. I have a plan for it.


The interventions that I will use will gear around posture, diet and exercise.

1. Posture – By visually lifting my bust area and strengthening my back I will look better and give my spine the posture it needs to have.

2. Diet- Since I am naturally lean, I will consider gaining a little bit of weight by increasing the consumption of protein and fats in my daily diet until I reach a healthy weight. The fat surrounding the female breast is made of connective fat tissue. A healthy increase in my body fat percentage can result in a more rounded chest size.

3. Weights- Low-weight sculpting helps strengthen the muscle by making it leaner. When done near the chest area, the muscles that protect the chest are also strengthened, and increased in size.

The ultimate goal in my plan is to achieve more volume. As a result, my clients will see my confidence truly reflected in my face. I will be able to instill in them that a good and healthy physical appearance does wonders for our peace of mind.